Is There A ‘Best’ Wedding Photographer In Singapore?

Every couple and bride wants to find that perfect bridal photographer in Singapore. However, does such a ‘perfect’ photographer exist? Or are couples looking for a unicorn?

In my opinion, there is no fully rounded photographer. Some photographers are excellent at shooting candid shots, and hence do very well for actual day photography. However, they may not be as ‘great’ (though still above average) for pre wedding photoshoots.

If you must pick the best from each category (wedding day and pre/post wedding photography), here are my honest recommendations and reviews of photographers in Singapore.

Review of actual day photographers / photography studios:

1. Bloc Memoire – 4.7 stars

They have 3 main photographers on their team, namely Guan and 2 others. In my opinion, they’re the best in Singapore for actual day wedding photoshoots. If you check out their portfolio, their wedding photographs for actual day shoots is really amazing looking. I believe the reason for this is because their photographers are all very experienced at candid photo shoots – which is very important for actual day wedding photography.

2. Mindy Tan – 4.6 stars

Followed closely behind is Mindy Tan. A single photographer, Mindy Tan is getting increasingly popular. In my opinion, her photographs do not have that amazing effect, but it’s fantastic for couples who just want good wedding day photography without too much ‘editing’. I personally like more editing, but as many couples in Singapore also like ‘normal’ photos, I have decided to rate Mindy 0.1 star more than I would normally have.

3. Grandeur Wedding Studio ( – 4.5 stars

Offering both pre wedding and actual day wedding photography, I rated Grandeur 4.5 stars instead of 4.7 or 4.8 simply because they seem to have fewer actual day shots on their portfolio than their pre wedding shoots (described below as the top pre wedding photographer in Singapore).

Review of pre wedding photographers / photography studios:

1. Grandeur Wedding Studio – 4.9 stars

One of the very top photography studios in Singapore, I am always in awe whenever I look at their wedding photos. (Please check out the link above if you want to check out their portfolio/website address.) Hands down, the top photographer in Singapore. I don’t even have to say much, they’re that good. Just take a look at their photography.

2. Nat Studios – 4.5 stars

Although Nat Studios is more popular as a overseas / destination photographer, they also take some pre wedding photos in Singapore. I think their real specialty is in overseas / destination wedding photography though, so keep that in mind.

3. Bloc Memoire – 4.4 stars

Bloc Memoire, also mentioned above is in my opinion the 3rd best photographer in Singapore for pre wedding photoshoots. Somehow, their actual wedding day photos seem to appeal to me more. Each person may think differently, but that’s just my opinion.


Alright, so what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!